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Bee Grant Peterkin
Currently published artworks: 94

I studied at The Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting where I was very fortunate in having Diana Armfield as my tutor. Since then I have travelled widely but I continually return to the West Coast ...
Full details of Bee Grant Peterkin + fav
Simon Bradfield
Currently published artworks: 24

Over the years I’ve worked in many fields, some quite mundane, others a bit more interesting. I was a scriptwriter & storyboard artist for quite a while, working on projects as diverse as li ...
Full details of Simon Bradfield + fav
Melita Frances Moule
Currently published artworks: 78

Music and music-making were my first loves! Careers in cryptography and computers have taught me to analyse. I work quickly in the field, normally working in watercolour. I make several conventional ...
Full details of Melita Frances Moule + fav
Di Grattan-Cooper
Currently published artworks: 15

Full details of Di Grattan-Cooper + fav
Boyarde Messenger
Currently published artworks: 12

Boyarde’s pictures have received widespread reviews from The Evening Standard, to The Independent describing her work as showing ‘the hallmark of [a] gifted photographer’.( Boyarde, ...
Full details of Boyarde Messenger + fav
Anna Kinnaird
Currently published artworks: 2

Full details of Anna Kinnaird + fav
Lucinda Thomson
Currently published artworks: 2

Coming soon...
Full details of Lucinda Thomson + fav
Barrie MacFarlane
Currently published artworks: 17

Coming soon...Barrie works in all media gaining much pleasure from colour and light. since retiring from teaching she has devoted time to experimentation and at present is presenting work with impress ...
Full details of Barrie MacFarlane + fav
Melanie Orenius
Currently published artworks: 2

I do not consider myself a photographer, although it is my main medium. I do not call myself a video artist, even though I am constantly editing new material. I am no painter, even though I paint or d ...
Full details of Melanie Orenius + fav
Gillian Pattinson
Currently published artworks: 11

My interest in art started at an early age since my mother was an artist so I spent many a day with pencil or paintbrush in hand alongside my mother as she created her masterpieces. I went on to stud ...
Full details of Gillian Pattinson + fav
Lyn Constable-Maxwell
Currently published artworks: 3

Full details of Lyn Constable-Maxwell + fav
caroline tibbits
Currently published artworks: 7

I am an amateur artist, who paints mainly in watercolour. I have been painting on and off since my school days. I have exhibited several times locally, and have also painted on com ...
Full details of caroline tibbits + fav
Christabel Blackburn
Currently published artworks: 28

Christabel trained as a figurative painter and sculptor at The London Atelier of Representational Art. She takes commissions for portraits while her main focus recently is her urban work. With photogr ...
Full details of Christabel Blackburn + fav
Rossella Vanon
Currently published artworks: 1

Full details of Rossella Vanon + fav
Francesca Sanders
Currently published artworks: 16

Francesca was born in Cambridge, England, and grew up as a lover of the outdoor world, and its inhabitants. Professionally trained as a fine artist in the UK and Italy, she now works between the UK an ...
Full details of Francesca Sanders + fav
Danielle Longstaff
Currently published artworks: 5

Current works best viewed from across a room to see the image fully andclose up they create abstract patterns. 
Full details of Danielle Longstaff + fav
amber hewitt
Currently published artworks: 7

Throughout my fine art degree I have experimented with different mediums such as print making, sculpture, instillation and more as I like to approach making art with an unrestricted attitude toward ...
Full details of amber hewitt + fav
Currently published artworks: 3

My art makes sense, but not necessarily your sense. I offer a different perspective by bringing together disparate objects which are mismatched but serendipitous, logical but nonsensical, and paradoxi ...
Full details of Jade + fav
Lucy Betts
Currently published artworks: 12

Full details of Lucy Betts + fav
Iryna Ilnytska
Currently published artworks: 22

Iryna is a Ukrainian born, London-based artist whose work varies in themes and subjects. For the past two years she has been very eager to work with “photograms” and to produce unique and ...
Full details of Iryna Ilnytska + fav
Showing item 1 to 20 of a total of 500 items next 20 >

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